Investor Day

May 2013: TechMeetups Investor Day (#TMUiday)

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“I spend a lot of time at pitching events and for a first time event I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and professionalism of the pitches. We subsequently followed up with 40% of the presenter companies, and we hope to put some risk capital to work! I would gladly spend more of my time assessing propositions than reaching out to startups myself, so long may this event prosper.”
-Raj Ramanandi, Number 1 Seed

“We witnessed pitches from carefully selected entrepreneurs who had cracking solutions for gaps in the market – just the sort of stuff we invest into!”
-Sachin Chudasama, Zero Start Ventures 

“I thought the quality of the startups was good. Most of the startups seemed to be at the right stage for investment, presented well with confidence and inspired me to continue discussions with some of them.”
-Julian Carter, EC1 Capital

“I saw a number of well articulated pitches from promising companies, and will be returning.” 
-George Mills, Arts Alliance

“TechMeetups Investors Day was an excellent event to pitch at. Since the event we have had positive response from VC’s and Angels. Any one raising investment should definitely try Meetups investors day.”
-Taimur Khan, Skylight

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The Techmeetups Investor Day gets together some of the best and brightest Startups in front of the TechMeetups Investor panel – a group of Venture Capital Cos and Angel Investors.

As part of the TechMeetups Startup Mentoring program we started with 50 startup applications which were filtered down to finally just 8.  After weeks of advising, mentoring, coaxing, cajoling & lecturing these 8 startups presented in front of a panel of VCs & Angel Investors.

Startups that presented in the first TechMeetups Investor Day included : HipSnip, OpenBrand, eTeamUps, UserPulse, TEP Wireless, Lectrio, SkyLightIT, Sooqini

Partners for this Event included Hemisphere Capital and Innovation Warehouse.
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The next Investor Day is being planned for later in 2012. To pitch or attend as an Angel Investor register here

The Investor panel would be looking at everything from your Startup idea to the potential market you are targeting, your team, what you have achieved so far, what you plan to do with the Investments etc.

Startups from our group of Mentored Startups that are ‘Investment ready’ will be given a platform to pitch in front of the Investment Panel at an invite only event.

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London TechMeetups Investor Day September 2012 #TMUiDay 27 September 2-5:30pm, Venue TBC

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