Online Spanish Classes (Live)

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Online Spanish Classes (Live)

Learn the basic tools to start a conversation in a Spanish-speaking country & the vocabulary and grammar to express your ideas.

10 Spanish Lessons Pack, Beginner OR Intermediate

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Learn Spanish Every Wednesday

  • 7-8pm Beginner Spanish Class (Live Lessons)

General Admission – Beginner Spanish Class

Beginner Spanish Class

In this workshop, we will learn the basic tools to start a conversation in a Spanish-speaking country.

Who am I? Who are you?

– Greeting someone in any context

– Introducing ourselves

– Nationalities, place of residence

Puede repetir, por favor? (Can you repeat, please?)

– Talking about languages

– Asking for unknown words

– Making sure that we understand and that we are being understoodHobbies – Sharing our interests

– Asking other people for their interests

Describing people

– Physical characteristics

– Personality traits

Describing places

– Asking and giving directions

– Describing our environment

Spanish for Intermediate Learners

  • 8-9 pm Intermediary Spanish Class (Live Lessons)

General Admission – Intermediary Spanish Class

In this workshop, we will further the vocabulary and grammar of people with previous basic knowledge of Spanish so they can better express their ideas.Contar una anécdota (Telling a story)

– Expressing an event in the pastDónde te ves en unos años? (Where do you see yourself in a few years?

– Sharing our plans for the future

Qué decir en una tienda (What to say when shopping)

– Explaining what we are looking for in a shop

– Asking for prices

– Asking for the opinion of the vendor

– Making complaints and expressing what we want in everyday situations

Buenos días, ¿podría hablar con…? (Good morning, could I speak with…?)

– Learning questions, answers and expressions used in phone callsEstoy listo / Soy listo (I’m ready, I’m smart)

– Learning the main differences between ser and estar and the funny misunderstandings that can happen when exchanging both verbs.

March 03 2021


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