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Venture Capitalists Are Making Bigger Bets on Food Start-Ups

Original post by JENNA WORTHAM and CLAIRE CAIN MILLER via The NY Times What if the next big thing in tech does not arrive on your smartphone or in the cloud? What if it lands on your plate? That idea is enticing a wide group of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley into making big bets on food. In some cases, […]

London Startups Must ‘Storm the Boardrooms’ of Big Business

Original post by ALISTAIR CHARLTON via ibtimes ‘We must storm the boardrooms and let them know we’re here’ was the message given this week by Tech London Advocates, a newly launched group of 150 tech and business leaders who want to build bridges between tiny startups and multinational corporations. Brainchild of former Skype vice president Russ Shaw, […]

Start-up and tech businesses expect to pay a premium for new employees

Original post by Marcus Austin via Techradar If you’re looking for new tech graduates for your new tech start-up or your existing tech business then be prepared to fight hard and pay a premium, as a new study shows tech skills are in demand and salaries are on the rise. According to figures from UK job search […]

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide

Original post by Leo Widrich via OnStartups The Complete Guide to Getting Press Coverage For Your Startup Whoa, this guide was long, long, long overdue. Over the past few months, a lot of people reached out for help on how to best get press for their startup. I could help them with a quick email response, but […]

The Pros and Cons of Startup Life

Original post by HuffingtonPost “Startup Life” is definitely not for everyone. Neither is working from home. So “working from home for a startup company” must require some sort of special gene. The kind that allows people to be unstructured enough yet disciplined enough at the same time. Call it insanity or passion or a mix of […]