Big Business meets Startup

Big Business Meets Startup (#TMUBBmS)

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Why should Big Business meet Startups?

We feel Big Business have a lot they can learn from Startups. Startups work on state of the art technology and on break through concepts. A lot of these are very viable for Big Business today. Taking the traditional route of waiting for Technology to mature or your IT partner to understand it wastes precious time and gives competition the edge.


Previous Attending Enterprises


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Do you have a solution which will help enterprises solve a business problem?

At Big Business meets Startup you will present to 10+ of the UK’s largest enterprises looking for new technologies to help them resolve today’s business problems.

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Alongside with the providing you the opportunity to pitch we’ll help you with making your presentation attractive to enterprises, assist you in securing and closing enterprise-level deals and provide wider coverage of your offering to the enterprise market.

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  • Gamification
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media
  • Cloud as a Utility
  • Big Data
  • Crowdsourcing


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 Gamfication Cloud Big data Mobile Apps Social Media Crowd sourcing

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Our Previous Presenters

[reveal title=”MongoDB – from humongous” ]

Is an open source, non-relational, document-oriented database. Trading off a few traditional features of databases (notably joins and transactions) in order to achieve much better performance, MongoDB is fast, scalable, and designed for web development. The goal of the MongoDB project is to bridge the gap between key-value stores-which are fast and highly scalable-and traditional RDBMS systems-which provide rich queries and deep functionality.

[/reveal][reveal title=”Badgeville” ]

Badgeville is the gold standard for gamification. We make it easy for marketers and brand strategists across content, commerce and enterprise sites to increase and measure conversions, referrals, retention, and user-driven business objectives, using proven techniques from social gaming, loyalty, social media, and social analytics.

[/reveal][reveal title=”Carrenza” ]

Carrenza is an award winning end-to-end cloud services provider, providing on-demand infrastructure as a service to support enterprise organisations deliver business critical systems. Carrenza provides enterprise organisations with proven expert advice and market leading services, using an innovative approach to delivering cloud solutions that meet ever changing business needs. Carrenza’s goal is to help enterprise organisations to reduce the cost and complexity of IT, providing the flexibility and security required in today’s fast paced environment.

[/reveal][reveal title=”UserPulse” ]

Live Chat without Time Wasters. UserPulse learns the behaviour of converting visitors on a site, predicts in real-time which of the visitors on a site are most likely to convert, and uses that information to engage with the right visitors at the right time.

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London: Big Business meets Startup #TMUBBmS 26 April 3-5:45pm (GMT), Innovation Warehouse

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