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Looking at the new crowdfunders and the JOBS Act

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Original post by John Peabody via reuters The crowdsourcing site Kickstarter just turned three years old, and the New York Times has a niceprofile that explores how the company has evolved and how its changed the way entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else with an... Read more »

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How to integrate social recruiting – Part One

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Original post by Tribe Pad When you’re a corporate business, and you take the big decision to move part of your recruiting, talent attraction and sourcing efforts to social. Most of my work involves working with businesses at this stage. Over the last year I’ve worked... Read more »

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Winning strategies for internal networks

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Original post by Harpaul Sambhi via Hrreporter In last week’s blog, I wrote about Pitney Bowes and internal social networks being a great catalyst for creating greater engagement and communication within the company. That leads to better teamwork, and retention, since... Read more »

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What is “Real” Social Recruiting?

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Original post by Gatech  On April 17, I attended a presentation, “How to Build a Real Social Recruiting Process,” by Ed Newman, Chief Analyst of Inside TMT. He spoke to an audience of professionals involved in corporate leadership recruitment. This meeting was... Read more »

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Supporting startup growth with the new recruiting ecosystem

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Original post by Mike Dover via GIGAOM  Summary: The recruiting ecosystem is changing, led by professional social networks like LinkedIn and Viadeo and companies like Jobvite and BranchOut, which are building Facebook apps for hiring and career development. This report... Read more »

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From Startup to Small Business: Five HR Must-Haves

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Original post by Kyle Lagunas via Software Advice  Congratulations, you've done it! You started with an idea, launched a company, and now your product or service is selling well. It’s time to grow. But as you know, growing a business isn't simple. “The media plays up... Read more »

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Making waves in mature Melbourne

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Original post by Michelle Hammond via startupsmart The city of Melbourne is famous for its food, its fashion and its football, squeezing all manner of things into every calendar year, with no shortage of activities for tourists and locals alike. Since the mid 1990s,... Read more »

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INTERNATIONAL: Cornerstone launches Recruiting Cloud

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Original post by Recruiter US cloud-based talent management software firm Cornerstone OnDemand has released its Recruiting Cloud product. The product allows organisations to manage the entire employee lifecycle through full integration with existing talent management... Read more »

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10 Facts About Working at a Startup vs. a Big Company

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Original post by alexlod I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to recruit friends of mine to come work with me at my super early startup.  In doing so I’ve had to educate a lot of my friends on what it’s like to be at a startup, and why you might want to join one.... Read more »

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How To Hire a Great Developer [FLOW CHART]

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Original post by Lauren Drell via Mashable Thomas Edison once said that “genius” is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In the world of technology startups, that 99% involves a heck of a lot of coding and wireframing. If you’ve got an idea for a startup, that’s... Read more »

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