Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy

Mind Candy is one of the world’s leading developers of social multi-player games, helping kids (and big kids!) around the world play and connect. Mind Candy is headquartered in Shoreditch (London) and develops new types of Multi-Player Online Games. Their first game was the groundbreaking Perplex City and they are now entirely focused on Moshi […]


In October 2009, Bambuser was the first of the live streaming start-ups to allow users to stream video directly from their mobiles to their Facebook Wall. Bambuser is an interactive mobile video streaming platform, enabling users to quickly and easily stream and share live mobile video with all of their favorite social networks, including Facebook, […]

Ko-Su by Zuztertu

Zuztertu is a real word that means “to grow shoots”. It is in this vein that Zuztertu develops educational and informational mobile applications that allow individuals to grow and develop. Over the past 2 years, Zuztertu has developed and introduced more than 70 applications which are available on iTunes. Gerlinde Gniewosz, CEO and founder of [...]

PoraOra by Caped Koala Studios

Pora Ora has been developed by Caped Koala Studios; a social-networking, immersive-learning and entertainment company with a passion for creativity in education. The company is committed to developing a love of learning in young children; encouraging them to be creative, imaginative, inquisitive and social.   In Pora Ora, they have created an engaging world for […]


LSR May meetup with Digital Shoreditch presenters announced

Techmeetups announces the line up of presenters for the London Silicon Roundabout May meetup along with Digital ShoreDitch. The world of Moshi Monsters has been created by Mind Candy, a company that loves developing games and new forms of interactive entertainment. Their intention when creating Moshi Monsters was to a produce a ground breaking new […]

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