Kliqed is an app that helps you meet up with your friends more easily and more often – “like your very own social secretary”     Meet-ups more easily, more often, more fun! Kliqed is a unique app that helps busy people meet with their friends by taking into account their time availability. It works in […]


Tagbento combines the hot trends of picture sharing, object tagging, and micro-blogging. Tagbento is the place to share the things you love! It’s an online show-and-tell for people who are passionate about the things they enjoy in life.  At Tagbento, you can upload and tag a photo of your collections, as well as browse other […]


“The vision is to build FreelanceStudents into a community that helps students and graduates bridge the gap between university life and the world of work, by providing resources and opportunities that empower them to fulfil their career aspirations”   FreelanceStudents is the easiest and most effective way for businesses and private individuals (“employers”) to connect […]

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